ARLINGTONVa.Today the Women In Military Service For America Memorial launched its National Registration Campaign (NRC) to preserve the stories of all 3 million woman who have served in or with the Armed Forces since the American Revolution.  

While the Memorial is home to service stories of roughly 300,000 women, this represents only 10 percent of the women who have served since the American Revolution. 

It is imperative that we do our due diligence for the women veterans who came before us and worked for years to have this Memorial built by embracing new generations of military women and ensuring that our stories are forever captured in American history,” said Memorial President Phyllis Wilson. “Not only do we have to reach the 2.7 million military women who do not have their stories and military service captured in our database, but we must also educate the public on the legacy of these brave women, who have often been trailblazers for workplace equality. 

The Memorial is launching the campaign under the name Military Women’s Memorial (MWM). The name change is part of a rebrand to update and streamline Memorial messaging to reach more women veterans and share their stories with the public. This includes a brand new website, an updated online registration portal and exclusive member benefits. Benefits include free access to the Prudential Financial Wellness Portalemployment and career resource portal focused on women transitioning out of the military and women veterans seeking career advice through RecruitMilitary, discounted tuition and other student benefits through Excelsior Collegeand more. And true to the mission of the organization when it broke ground more than 27 years ago, registration at the Memorial continues to be free  

The Military Women’s Memorial is the only historical repository documenting all military women’s service. It is located at the ceremonial entrance to Arlington National Cemetery and features an education center, interactive exhibitions, a world-class collection of military women stories, and engaging programs and events for all generations.