The Circle of 500 Guardians



The “Circle of 500” has been established as an exclusive nucleus of 500 individuals and/or organizations who have been steadfast in their support of our mission to honor military women. It is with sincere gratitude that we name the following as “Circle of 500 Guardians:” 


CWO4 Bonnie Abendschan, USCG, Retired


Capt. Ann M. Adams, USAF NC

CW5 Bernadette A. Adams, USA, Retired

Dr. (COL) Fae M. Adams, USA MC, Retired

MG Nancy R. Adams, USA NC, Retired

RDML Sandra E. Adams, USNR

BG Clara L. Adams-Ender, USA NC, Retired

Mrs. Catherine Annette Aguirre, USAF Veteran

Mrs. Betty J. Albanez, USA & USN Veteran

CW3 Doris “Lucki” I. Allen, USA, Retired

Ms. Dorothy J. (Jesseman) Allen, USAF Veteran

Lt. Col. Sandra-Carol Allen, USAF

Alliance for National Defense

American Legion Post 404, St. Louis Service Women’s Post

CDR Susan Hanauer Anderson, USN, Retired

Apache Junction Arizona Women Veterans

In Memory of Lt. Col. Judie A. Armington, USAF, Retired

Army Women Veteran’s Association of Northern Virginia, NV 33 

LTC Janice L. Atwood, USAR, Retired

In Memory of COL Imogen E. Averett, USA, Retired

SFC Carol L. Avery, USAR, Retired

BG Mildred “Inez” C. Bailey, USA, Retired

Lt. Col. Olive M. Baker-Brown, USAF NC, Retired

CDR M. K. Baldwin, USN, Retired

CAPT Linda J. Balink-White, USN, Retired

Mrs. Linda Showalter Balthaser

Mrs. Joan Barnes Barco, Army Veteran

CAPT Phyllis M. Barkus, NC USN, Retired

CAPT Julia O. Barnes, NC USN, Retired

Lt. Col. Barbara Bavera, USAF, Retired

1SG Jeanne L. Beasley, USA, Retired

COL Christine A. Beeler, USA

2nd Mate Susan Begg, USMM

Maj. Jennifer C. Bell, ANG

Col. Joan M. Bentz, ND ANG, Retired

Brig. Gen. Kathleen F. Berg, ANG, Retired

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Fredrik M. Bergold, USAF, Retired

LTC Sari L. Berman, USA, Retired

Lt. Col. Joetta A. Bernhard, USAFR, Retired

Maj. Judith A. Berube, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Coralie S. Betz, USAF, Retired

Bill of Rights Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution

Col. Mary E. Bishop, USAF NC, Retired

Ms. Brenda A. Blair, USMC Veteran

PNC Mary E. Blair, USN, Retired

Ms. Wendy R. A. (Ford) Blake, USA Veteran

SgtMaj Pamela J. Bloustine, USMCR, Retired

Col. Billie M. Bobbitt, USAF, Retired

CAPT Debra A. Bodenstedt, USN, Retired

Dr. Alice A. Booher

SSG Jessie R. Boston, ARNG, Retired

Col. Rene L. Boward, USAF, Retired

COL Judith Ann Bowers, USAR NC, Retired

Mrs. Janet C. Boyd, USMC Veteran

LTC Laura B. Bozeman, USA

In Honor of Judith A. Bozman, USN Veteran

In Memory of COL Elizabeth Branch, USA & Lt. Col. Mattie Treadwell, USA/USAF

Col. Elizabeth J. Bridges, USAFR NC, Retired

Ms. Arlene G. Brightbill, USAF Veteran

In Honor of the Bringman & Kastama Families

Ms. Mary F. Bringman, USAF Veteran

Ms. Virginia McCoy Britt, USA Veteran

Ms. JoAnn M. Brodeur, USA NC Veteran

Mr. Espey T. (Ted) Browning, Jr.

In Memory of Dorothy Mary Sudomir Budacki, USN Veteran

LTC Kimberly Burgess, USAR

Capt. Lizabeth A. Burgess, USAF, Retired

Col. Laurel “Buff” Michelle Burkel, USAF

In Memory of Elizabeth F. Burkhart, USMC Veteran

LTC Nancy Elizabeth Burton, USA, Retired

LTC Norma V. Busse, USA, Retired

In Memory of LTC Miriam L. Butler, USA & LTC June P. Gonzalez, USA

COL Sharon F. Bystran, USA NC, Retired

CalVet Women Veterans Conference 2009 Attendees

LCDR Cynthia  F. Campbell, USN, Retired

In Memory of Maj. Ida E. Campbell, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Olga Carfora, USA NC Veteran & 1SGT Joseph Carfora, USA, Retired

MSG Sheila M. Carmichael, USA, Retired

RADM Wendi B. Carpenter, USN, Retired

CWO3 Juanita J. Carr, USN

Col. Linda Carskadon, USAFR NC, Retired & Maj. Amy Carskadon, USAFR

Lt. Col. Phyllis J. Carter, USAF NC, Retired

CAPT Julie S. Chalfant, USNR, Retired

Col. M. Jean Chambers, USAF BSC, Retired

HMC Patricia L. Childers, USN, Retired

LCDR Vickie L. Church, USNR

Ms. Kimberly M. Churchill, USMC Veteran

Brig. Gen. Marcia Clark, USAF, Retired

In Memory of MG Mary E. Clarke, USA, Retired

Mr. Michael F. Clayton

Lt. Col. Kathleen D. Clemence, USAF, Retired

COL Michele L. Clements, USAR NC

Lt. Col. Sondra “Jil” Coffman, USAF, Retired

COL Sandra L. Colaw, USA, Retired

In Memory of COL David L. Colaw, USA, Retired

In Honor of Columbus School of Nursing, Great Falls, Montana, Class of 1968

LCDR Lynn Eileen Connell, NC USNR, Retired

Brig. Gen. Sharla J. Cook, USAF, Retired

Mrs. Joy Larson Cottrell, Cadet Nurse Corps, World War II

COL Emma K. Coulson, USA

Maj. Gen. Amy S. Courter, CAP

CAPT Maureen P. Cragin, USN, Retired

LTC Lisa K. Cramer, USA NC, Retired

SSG Frances J. Crawford, USA, Retired

VADM Vivien S. Crea, USCG, Retired

Ms. Marcia Cribbs, USAF Veteran

In Memory of Helen C. Cronin, USA NC Veteran

Ms. Deborah Kaye Cupp, USN Veteran

MSgt Barbara J. Curry, USAF, Retired

CW5 Suzanne E. Curtis, ARNG, Retired

LTC Marilla J. Cushman, USA, Retired

In Honor of LTC Marilla J. Cushman, USA, Retired

Maj. Sara Ann Custer, USAF

DACOWITS Executive Committee 1996

In Memory of Susan R. Dalton, USAF Veteran

1LT April C. Darowski, USAR, & Alexander Darowski

TSgt Corrine R. Dautrich, USAF, Retired

LTC Constance M. Davis, USA, Retired

LTC Julia A. Dean, USA, Retired

Mrs. Verla K. DeBeer, USA Veteran

CDR Elanore P. Decker, USN, Retired

In Memory of LT Valerie Cappelaere Delaney, USN

Col. Linda Carskadon, USAFR NC, Retired & Maj. Amy Carskadon, USAF

Ms. Nancy de Villers, USAR Veteran & Julian R. Atkins

LTC Karen A. Dixon-Brugh, USA

SMSgt Julie A. Doll, USAF, Retired

MAJ Andrea L. Dollar, USAR

Lt. Col. Bernardine Donato, USAFR NC, Retired

Mrs. Alice I. Douglass, USA Veteran

In Memory of Barbara Carrier Duffy, USA Veteran

LT Denise Budacki Duke, USN, Retired

GEN Ann E. Dunwoody, USA

LTG Karen E. Dyson, USA & COL Jim Chamberlain, USAF, Retired

Gen. & Mrs. Ralph E. Eberhart, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Barbara J. Eggenberger, USN Veteran

CTIC Andrea C. Elwyn, USN, Retired

COL Lenore S. Enzel, USA NC, Retired

Lt. Col. Eileen Faulkner, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Alma M. Grenier Fedoruk, USAF Veteran

CPT Doris J. Fenner, USAR, Retired

In Memory of Elizabeth H. Fimea, USA Veteran & Vincent A. Fimea, USMC Veteran

In Honor of Virginia Veach Finks, American Red Cross, World War II

RM1 Regina Barcia Fisher, USNR, Retired

LTC Bette D. Flick, USA, Retired

Florida Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Inc.

Col. Marilyn C.A. Floro, USAF NC, Retired

LTC Margaret C. Flott, USA, Retired

SMSgt Norene R. Fluechtling, USAFR, Retired

Lt. Col. Cheryl (Cheri) Ann Foti, USAF NC, Retired

CAPT Sandra L. Francis, USN, Retired

CAPT Dorothy J. Freer, USN, Retired

Maj. Debra A. Freisleben, USAF, Retired

CPO Donna Marie Fuchs, USN, Retired

Fultron Corporation

SFC Elizabeth Angelica Gales, USA

MAJ Carolyn B. Gales-Woods, USA NC, Retired

COL Mary M. Garfield, USAR, Retired

 Ms. Rebecca Gary, USA Veteran

In Memory of Jane V. Gefvert, USN Veteran

Ms. Lynn Lewin Giaudrone, USMC Veteran

Lt. Col. Cynthia Gibbs, USAF, Retired

 Dr. Rose-Marlene Gieske, USA Veteran

Mrs. Frances A. Gilkey, USMC Veteran

In Memory of Patricia S. Gilman, USN Veteran

In Memory of CAPTs Jeanne Gleason & Mary McWilliams & CWO4 Betty Splaine

In Memory of Phillippa DeFord Shorter Glover, USN Veteran

MSgt Karen A. Goddard, USAF, Retired

In Memory of LTC Mary O. Goodsell, USA, Retired

Brig. Gen. Barbara Goodwin, USAF NC, Retired

YNC Kelly L. Gordon Grigsby, USNR

Maj. Eileen Marie Goretski, USAF

Mrs. Maureen M. Gorman, Army Veteran

CAPT Carolyn J. Green, USN

Mrs. Mary Ann Green, USMC Veteran

Maj. Anne M. Grenier, USAF, Retired

In Memory of COL Sally L. Groome, USA, Retired

COL Cary M. Gum-Costa, USAR, Retired

Lt. Col. Eileen S. Hadbavny, USAFR NC, Retired

In Memory of MSgt Doris L. (Dorrie) Hagan, MT ANG, Retired

CMSgt Nancy L. Hall, USAF, Retired

COL Jeanne G. Hamilton, USA, Retired

Col. Kelly S. Hamilton, USAF, Retired

Capt. Claudette M. Hamilton-Hill, USAF Veteran

CAPT Anne G. Hammond, USN

In Honor of Senator Enoch Kelly Haney

Mrs. Fern B. Harger, Army Veteran

LTC Sue Harrington, USAR

CAPT Mileva Maria Hartman, USNR, Retired

Sylvia Anita Burton Hatton, USA Veteran

Mrs. Elizabeth D. Haynes, USAF Veteran

BG Anna Mae Hays, USA NC, Retired

SFC Esther L. Heidenreich, USA, Retired

Col. Harriet G. Hernandez, USAF, Retired

Hernando WAC Veterans Association Chapter 97

Ms. Linda L. Hess, USAF Veteran

Ms. Gloria P. Hesser, USMC Veteran

CWO5 Margaret Ann Hickey, USN Retired

Ms. Betty Jean Hickman, USAF Veteran

Col Laura L. Hickman, USAF

Bishop Evelyn M. Hill, USN Veteran

Ms. Marilyn M. Hilliard, USA Veteran

LTC Mary E. Hoettels, USAR, Retired

Mrs. Kathleen M. Hoffman, USA Veteran

In Memory of BG Elizabeth P. Hoisington, USA, Retired

Col. Carol A. Holland, USAF NC, Retired

Lt. Col. Patricia L. Holland, USAFR, Retired

CAPT Ann F. Holler, NC USNR, Retired

Maj. Gen. Jeanne M. Holm, USAF, Retired

CMSgt Dorothy W. Holmes, USAF, Retired

ATCS Jeanne C. Hooper, USNR, Retired

CAPT Susan Hopkinson, NC USNR, Retired

Mrs. Madeline Candies Hopson, USAF Veteran

Lt. Col. Linda D. Houk, USAF, Retired

In Honor of Donna Houle

RADM Michelle J. Howard, USN

Chaplain (CDR) Charlotte E. Hunter, USN, Retired

SGM Diana Huron, USA, Retired

In Memory of Maude H. Hutchison, Army NC Veteran

LTC Irene A. Hyek, USA, Retired

RADM Maryanne T. Ibach, NC USNR, Retired

In Memory of Kay Mary Newman Inverso, USN Veteran

In Memory of Lt. Col. Ann L. Isaacs, USAF, Retired

CDR Darlene M. Iskra, USN, Retired

JS/J9MASO/Women Veterans

COL Bonnie M. Jennings and LTC Deborah J. Kenny, USA NC Veterans

John Alexander Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution

COL Musetta T. Johnson, USA

LTC Paula L. Johnson, USA, Retired

Lt. Col. Vicki Diane Johnson, USAF NC, Retired

Lt. Col. Deborah L. Johnston, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Alice Marie Joralemon-Strong, USMC, Retired

CDR Lyn C. Juckniess, CHC, USN, Retired

MAJ Karen A. Juli, USA, Retired

LTC Nancy J. Jurgevich, USA, Retired

Mrs. Maria Socorro Kahler, USN Veteran

Col. David G. Kanter, USAF, Retired

Maj. Tammy Morris Karamarinov, USAF, Retired  

Col. Judith F. Kautz, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Karen L. Kaylor, USAF, Retired


CAPT Susan Fanning Keithley, NC USNR

Mrs. Linda Nina Kelley, USAF Veteran

Mrs. Patricia A. Kelly, USMC Veteran

Mrs. Betty Keyes Kelso-Clough, USAF Veteran

LTG Claudia J. Kennedy, USA, Retired

COL Alice A. Kerr, USAR & Mrs. Sheryl Borg

Ms. Kimberly Ann Kerr, USA Veteran

MSG Rochelle F. Kerr, USA, Retired

Maj. Gen. Mary J. Kight, USAF, Retired

CAPT Jean M. Kilker, USNR

Maj. Erika L. Slayton King, USAF

COL Carolyn Faye Kleiner, USAR

LTC Lynn Klubek, USA, Retired

SFC Sharon K. Knickerbocker, USA

Col. Mary Jane Koch, USAFR NC, Retired

CAPT Mary Masters Kolar, USN, Retired

MAJ Alice S. Konze, USA, Retired

COL Deborah L. Kotulich, USAR

LTC Jeanette Kraska, USAR NC, Retired

Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

CW4 Paul Lane, USA, Retired

CDR Sue Ann Larkin, USPHS

Maj. Laura L. Larson, USAF MSC, Retired

COL Dorothea Terry Layne, AMSC, Retired

CAPT Charlotte V. Leidy, USN, Retired

COL Vickie S. Longenecker, USA, Retired

LTC Charlene M. Loper, USA, Retired

MAJ Mary Loss, USAR, Retired & CW5 Scott Gagnon, USAR, Retired

Dr. Donna Trelease Loraine, USAF Veteran

Ms. Linda K. Louden, USAF Veteran

Col. Cheryl Ann Mach, ANG, Retired

CAPT Patricia D. Mail, USPHS, Retired

Maine Veterans’ Homes

Olga Eleanore Marchione, USAFR Veteran

Mrs. Antonina Markut, WRAC Veteran

Mrs. Dorothy M. Marmon, USN Veteran

1SG Janet L. Martin, USA, Retired

RADM Kathleen L. Martin, NC USN, Retired

Maj. Gen. Susan Kumiyo Mashiko, USAF, Retired

CAPT Lori A. Mathieu, USCG

CDR Joan E. McCauley, USNR, Retired

CAPT Margaret A. McCloskey, USN, Retired

Col. Cathleen M. McCormick, USAFR

LTC Jill E. McCoy, USA, Retired

Ms. Joan G. McKinney, WAF/USAF Veteran

Miss Marcia C. McLatchy, USN Veteran

Ms. Grace E. McMillan, USAF Veteran

Brig. Gen. Linda K. McTague, USAF, Retired

Ms. Sara J. McVicker, USA Veteran

MG Dee Ann McWilliams, USA, Retired

Mrs. Sarah “Sally” L. Merten, USAF Veteran

Col. Deborah Ann Meserve, USAF, Retired

SFC Gundel M.E. Metz, USA, Retired

Military Women’s Luncheon Southern California

COL Clara L. Miller, USA MSC, Retired

LTC Elizabeth M. Miller, USA, Retired

LTC Janie R. Miller, USA, Retired

LTC Maria K. Mitchell, USA, Retired

SGM Celia Molofsky, USA, Retired

Lt. Col. Belle D. Moon, USAF NC, Retired

Lt. Col. Terry Moore, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Katherine A. Moore, USAF NC, Retired

COL Marcia R. Morgan, USA, Retired

MG Mary E. Morgan, USA, Retired

CWO2 Ann C. Mori, USNR, Retired

CDR Susan G. Moritz, USCG, Retired

LTC Dee D. Morris, USA, Retired

RADM Elizabeth “Betsy” Morris, NC USN, Retired

CDR Evelyn L. Moy, USN, Retired

SGM Grace L. Mueller, USA, Retired

In Memory of Marjory Foster Munn, WASP

In Memory of Patricia Ann Murphy, USAF Veteran

Ms. Marlene Reckling Murty, USA Veteran

In Memory of COL Theodora H. Nagel, USA, Retired

National Association of State Women Veteran Coordinators

Navy Friends Ensign to Admiral

Navy Nurse Corps Association, Palmetto Chapter

CWO2 Alycee R. Nelson-Ruley, USMC, Retired

Ms. Marian R. Nicely, Army Veteran

In Memory of Anne Sapere Nixon, USAF Veteran

BG Christie L. Nixon, USAR

LCDR Kathryn L. Oakley, USCG, Retired

Mrs. Janet A. Ochs, USN Veteran

Oklahoma Women Veterans Organization

Maj. Bonnie A. O’Leary, USAF, Retired

In Honor of SMSgt Linda J. Oliver, USAF, Retired

Ms. Donna J. Olson, USA Veteran

In Memory of CW2 Kathy J. Olson, USA, Retired

CDR Veronica Budacki Orem, USNR, Retired

COL Betty J. Pruski Osweiler, USA, Retired

COL John R. Osweiler, USA, Retired

In Memory of LT Allison Marie Oubre, USN

MSgt Letha R. Owens, USAF, Retired

Mrs. Beryl White Palisin, USAF Veteran

CAPT Joel Louise Parker, NC USN

In Memory of Steven Palmer

Lt. Col. Donna H. Parry, USAF, Retired

Capt. Sara A. and MSgt Scott C. Pate, USAF

SFC Deborah R. Patillo, OK ARNG, Retired

Maj. Doris J. Patterson, USAF, Retired

Stephen and Laura Patton

SCPO Janet Peltier, USNR, Retired

CW4 Maria A. Peters, USA Retired

In Honor of CPT Donna K. Peterson, USAR

Maj. Gen. Teresa Marne Peterson, USAF, Retired

Mr. Edward S. Petros, USA Veteran

COL Charlotte Elizabeth Phillips, USA, Retired

CDR Linda A. Phipps, USN, Retired

Ms. Pamela K. Pitkin, USN Veteran

In Honor of CMSgt Karen Plichta, USAF, Retired

BG Dorothy Ann Pocklington, USAR NC, Retired

In Memory of Emma E. Pogge, USAF Veteran

CAPT Carol A. Pollio, USCGR, Retired

In Honor of Mary Elizabeth Poole, USA NC Veteran

VADM Carol M. Pottenger, USN, Retired

Ms. Martha G. Potter, USMC Veteran

Ms. Mary K. Pratt, USA Veteran

CPO Kristy L. Presson, USN, Retired

CAPT Carolyn V. Prevatte, USN, Retired

Ms. Billy Prior, USA Veteran

Col. Sara J. Pritchett, USMC, Retired

In Honor of Ruth Rasmussen Puska, USA NC, Veteran

MG Marilyn A. Quagliotti, USA, Retired

MAJ Lorraine C. Quinn, USA, Retired

R. H. Foster Energy, LLC

LTC Diane M. Ramsey, USAR, Retired

COL Valerie A. Rasmussen, USA

LtCol Carol Ann Ray, USMC, Retired

Col Betty Lee Raymer, USMCR, Retired

COL Deobrah Olson Read, USAR, Retired

COL Peggy Ready, USAR, Retired

Maj. Mary Kathryn Reeves-Hoche, USAFR NC

Ruby (Bailey) Reid, USA Veteran

CAPT Jane F. Renninger, USN, Retired

MSG Pamela J. Reynolds, USA, Retired

LTC Deborah L. Rice, USA, Retired

MAJ Carol E. Richards, USA, Retired

LTC Sarah F. Richardson, USAR NC, Retired

The Retired Enlisted Association, Inc.

Col. Sheila R. Robinson, USAF, Retired

In Honor of CAPT Monica L. Rochester, USCG and CAPT Linda A. Sturgis, USCG

Maj. Diane E. Roloson, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Ursula Saalbach Rosen & Isidore Rosen

MSgt Theresa L. Ruppert, USAF, Retired

YNC Helen V. Sadowski, USN, Retired

Diane Padden St. Denis, USN Veteran

In Memory of Mary Margaret Salm, USA Veteran

Ms. Marlene Santako, NY ANG Veteran

Ms. Frances R. Sargent, WASP

SFC Jennifer M. Sargent-Muhleisen, USAR

CWO4 Eileen R. Scanlon, USMC, Retired

In Honor of CWO4 Eileen R. Scanlon, USMC, Retired

Lt. Col. Carol A. Scher, USAFR, Retired

Ms. Ella M. Schiralli

CAPT Karen Ann Schmidt, USNR, Retired

Ms. Helen R. Schwartz, USA Veteran

The Honorable Linda A. Schwartz, USAF NC Veteran

Ms. Lenora E. Seidman, USCG Veteran

In Honor of Avaniel “Nell” Shively, USN Veteran

In Memory of GEN John M. Shalikashvili, USA, Retired

Ms. Ann Marie Sharratt

Ms. Beth E. Shepard, USA Veteran

CAPT Martha Phillips Shepherd, USN NC, Retired

HMC Patricia D. Shepherd, USN, Retired

Ms. Patricia R. Sherwood, USAF Veteran

LTC Sally G. Siebert, USA NC, Retired

Mrs. Rose Nelson Silva, USCG Veteran

Maj. Brenda S. Simpson, USAF, Retired

COL Kathleen Lynch Simpson, USA NC, Retired

In Memory of Maryellen H. Simpson, USA Veteran

MAJ Susan R. Singalewitch, ARNG AN

Col. Laurie Sue Slavec, USAF, Retired

Mrs. Virginia M. Slye-Cody, USAF Veteran

COL Barbara J. Smith, USA, Retired

LTC Donna Smith, USA, Retired

Lt. Col. Eleanor L. Smith, USAFR, Retired

CAPT Mary Kathleen Smith, USN, Retired

Michael & Anne Pardue Smith, USMC Veterans

RM1 Nolene L. Smith, USN, Retired

TSgt Joaquina N. Sotomayor, USAF, Retired

Ms. Theresa “Sue” Sousa, USMC Veteran

Space Coast Honor Flight

Mrs. Patricia J. Spits, USA Veteran

LTC Mary Coleman Spring, USA, Retired

LTC Betty Jean Stallings, USA, Retired

LTC Sharon L. Stanley-Alden, USA NC

Maj. Martha N. Stanton, USAF, Retired

MAJ Laura J. Stedman, ARNG MSC, Retired

Lt. Col. Jayne E. Stetto, USAF NC, Retired

Ms. Michelle K. Stinson, USA Veteran

Col. Frances E. Stitt-Guild, USAF NC, Retired

Col. Julie M. Stola, USAF NC

Maj. Jenny H. Storm, USMC

CWO4 Dorothy J. Stowe, USN, Retired

Lt. Col. Suzanne M. Streeter, USAF

Lt. Col Diane K. Struck, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Mary Arnold Mace Stuart, NC USN Veteran

HMCS Susan Summers, USN, Retired

CAPT Mindy Suszan, USN

In Memory of Dolores B. Swartzwelder-Badorrek, USMC Veteran

Lt. Col. Kathleen A. Swint, USAF NC, Retired

In Memory of Bertha Jean Swisher, USMC Veteran

Maj. Kathryn A. Tahiri, USAF, Retired

MAJ Ann O. Tang, USA

Mrs. Rita K. Steffey Tanner, USMC Veteran

COL Dolores Tarin, AN, USAR

In Memory of Lucille (Lou) Ann Teixeira, USMC Veteran

Mrs. Barbara P. Terrill, USAF Veteran

In Honor of CAPT Marilyn A. Terwilliger, NC USN, Retired

Lt. Col. Marsha L. Thole, USAFR, Retired

Ms. Albina M. Thompson, USA Veteran

In Memory of CDR Allyn R. Thompson, USN, Retired

In Memory of Mary Shull Thompson, USA & USAF Veteran

CDR Katie Podolak Thurman, USN

CMSgt G. A. Tracy, USAF, Retired

In Memory of Mrs. V. Marie (Painter) Trego, USA Veteran

Trinity Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing, Kansas City, MO 1906-2001 Alumni

Maj. Gen. Irene Trowell-Harris, USAF NC, Retired

Mrs. Lynn Parker Turnbull, USA Veteran

Brig. Gen. Christine Turner, USAF, Retired

Col. Mary N. Turner, USAF, Retired

United Daughters of the Confederacy

United Daughters of the Confederacy Military Service Awards Club

USCG Women’s Leadership Initiative

VAI Consulting and Training LLC

LTC Deborah L. Van Dormolen, USA, Retired

Col Mary A. Van Harn, USA MSC, Retired

COL Caroline E. Van Mason, AMSC, Retired

In Honor of Brig. Gen. Wilma L. Vaught, USAF, Retired

1SG Victoria A. Vernau, USA, Retired

Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Louisiana

Veterans of Foreign Wars Southern Conference

Ms. Marie (Tex) L. Wade-Ash, WAF/USAF Veteran

Ms. Lynda L. Waldroop, USN Veteran

Mrs. Margaret R. Wallace, USMCR Veteran

CDR Margurite A. Walton, USN, Retired

In Memory of LTC Barbara Jean Wardell, USA, Retired

CAPT Sarah J. Watlington, USN, Retired

CW5 Wendy A. Wayman, USA

CAPT Julia D. Webster, USN, Retired

Lt. Col. Helen Wells, USAF NC, Retired

Mrs. Arline R. Wertz, USN Veteran

LTC Nina West, USA NC, Retired

Col. Suzanne L. Wheeler, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Martha A. Whitehead, USAF, Retired

CWO4 Karen Anne Lee Wickens, USA, Retired

CDR Annette M. Wiechert, USN, Retired

CWO4 Jo N. Wildman, USCG

John & Charleen Wilhelm Family and Colonel Yvonne Schilz

In Honor of Joan Willauer, USMC Veteran

Marian Williams, USA Veteran

Ms. Rhonda C. Williams, USA Veteran

Lt. Col. Sara Jayne Williams, USAF NC, Retired

RADM Louise C. Wilmot, USN, Retired

RM1 E. Jane Wilson, USN, Retired

CW5 Phyllis J. Wilson, USAR

Lt. Col. Doris K. Winter, USAF, Retired

Lt. Col. Anida G. Wishnietsky, USAF, Retired

Ms. Louise Woerner

TDCS Cheryl A.  Wolle, USN, Retired

WAF Association

In Honor of U. S. Navy WAVES WRTC Reunion Group

Women Marines Association

Women Marines Association, DC 1 Chapter

Women Marines Association, Oklahoma Heartland Chapter

Women Marines Association, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

Women of the U. S. Naval Academy

Col. Wanda C. Wood, USAF, Retired

SGM Melanie L. Wrensch, USAR

COL Barbara J. Yost, USA, Retired

SSG Perida Zamani, USA, Retired

Mrs. Mary R. Zamarripa, USAF Veteran



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