Navy women, your help is critical! The Military Women’s Memorial is developing an exhibit celebrating 30 years of women on combatant ships. A feature of the exhibit will showcase Navy women’s impressions about their experiences during this groundbreaking event. Please take time to send us a brief statement(s) related to your shipboard experience. Below are issues that will be addressed in the exhibit. Your thoughts about your experiences as they relate to these issues will help illustrate and bring to life this pivotal time in Naval history. Your unique insights are needed by May 6.

The below text includes topics/areas you might consider when addressing your experiences.

To participate, copy and paste the below questionnaire text into a Word doc or email, respond to any/all questions in each section, and submit your responses via email to [email protected] 

Thank you for your participation and helping us shape this new exhibit.




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Tell us about your ship.

Example: “I was among the first women to serve aboard the USS Eisenhower. I finally felt I was part of the real Navy.”

Things to consider: Was serving on a ship an option for women when you joined the Navy? Was serving on a combatant ship an option for women when you joined the Navy? When/how did you decide to serve on a ship? Did you serve on more than one ship during your time in the Navy? On which type of ship(s) did you serve? What timeframe did you serve? What was your rank/rate when you were assigned/received orders to a ship? To what position/billet were you assigned? Did you remain in that position? What was your specialty? (Comms, Info Systems, Engineering, Admin, Security, etc.) Were you in a leadership role/position? How many other women, officers and Sailors, were assigned to the ship? Were any women more senior to you?



Tell us what life was like on your ship.

Example: “Getting used to close quarters was challenging. I learned a lot about cooperation and leadership.”

Things to consider: What type of berthing was available/assigned to you and to other women? What other accommodations had to be made for women on your ship, if any? What was your average day? Were feminine hygiene products available on the ship? Or did you have to bring a supply with you and/or have them sent to you? What about any other products unique to women? How did you maintain your hairstyle within Navy regs while deployed on the ship? What uniforms/gear did you wear?  Were you issued any uniform/gear unique to ship duty? If so, were they fitted to accommodate women? What were some of your more memorable experiences?


DEPLOYMENTS (if applicable)

Tell us about any deployments you experienced while assigned to the ship.

Things to consider: Where did you deploy? How long was your deployment? Any exercises, conflicts, war experiences? How many deployments did you experience? What was your port of call/liberty experience (Domestic and/or Foreign) ? Any unique issues when in a country that had specific laws and restrictions in regard to women? What were some of your more memorable experiences while deployed?



Tell us about your training and/or qualification experiences. 

Things to consider: Prior to reporting to the ship, did you receive any training to prepare you for ship duty? What type of training? How adequate was it? What type of training did you receive while on the ship? How adequate was it? Did you attain any qualifications prior to or during ship duty? If so, what qualifications (I.E. Surface Warfare…)? How adequate was your Professional Development once you reported to the ship? Was training available to you to help with your career advancement? What were some of your memorable experiences (positive or negative) regarding your training?               



Tell us about any health and/or medical issues.

Things to consider: Were medical services specific to women’s health issues available? If so, how adequate? If not, how were such women’s health issues dealt with? Were supplies available? Was birth control available? Were there any pregnancy issues (with any woman on the ship)? How were pregnancies dealt with? Were there any special accommodations made for pregnant women? If so, what were they?



Tell us about the command climate on the ship in which you served.

Things to consider: How receptive was the chain-of-command when you reported to the ship? How supportive was the chain-of-command during your assignment? How receptive was the Chief’s Mess when you reported to the ship? How supportive was the Chief’s Mess during your assignment? How receptive was the ship’s crew when you reported to the ship? How supportive was the ship’s crew during your assignment?



Tell us of any discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, or issues while on your ship.

Things to consider: How adequate were the protocols for reporting discrimination and harassment, or discrimination? How adequate was any sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination training? If you are willing to share, did you experience any sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination while assigned to the ship? If so, how was the issue resolved? Were you aware of any other female member of the ship who experienced sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination while assigned to the ship? If so, how was the issue resolved?



Tell us about any other experiences you would like to share. 

Things to consider: How did you personally prepare for your assignment/deployment? How did you establish or resolve any child or pet or parent care issues before reporting to the ship? How did your family react to your ship assignment/deployment? Were they: supportive, positive, resigned, accepting, negative, worried…?