A Christmas Letter, 1963

Most Americans who were living in 1963 remember where they were on Nov. 22, the day of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, TX.

Through television and radio, a mourning nation heard news commentator Walter Cronkite confirm the President’s death, listened to news analysis, shared the grief and bravery of a family, and saw the funeral cortege wind through Washington, DC.

In her office and at home, LT Jo Oberg watched these events unfold. In shock and disbelief, she served as the platoon commander of Navy women in the only women’s company in the funeral procession from the US Capitol to the White House, St. Matthews Roman Catholic Cathedral and then to Arlington National Cemetery.

A week later, LT Oberg wrote a letter to her family and friends about President Kennedy’s assassination and her own role in history.

She separated the document from her traditional Christmas greeting recounting her year and the routine of everyday. “We are still a dazed and stunned people,” she told her friends.