March With Me

Women's History Month


For 31 days, the nation celebrates women’s contributions and accomplishments.

The Military Women’s Memorial (MWM) is delighted to join the celebration and to have the opportunity to reinforce what we do every day – tell the stories of America’s military women – highlighting their contributions, accomplishments, and sacrifice in service to America.

The legacy of women’s service in and with the military is long and storied, covering the entire history of the nation. While sometimes disregarded, discredited, and their service fraught with challenges, women persevered and continued to step up – they just wanted to serve.

Trailblazers from across the decades have made it possible for women today to serve in America’s Armed Forces at every level and in every job. 

The Military Women's Memorial (MWM) round logo. The logo consists of one outer circle with the words Military Women's Memorial in blue at the top and Honoring Her Service in red at the bottom. The inner circle includes the initials of MWM, an icon of the Memorial, and six gray stars.
Two NASA nurses in nurse training, with a male patient.
Women Veterans Recognition Day at the Military Women's Memorial. 2 Veterans and 1 active duty servicewoman, hugging and smiling.
Adopt A Woman Veteran - Her Story Needs You with photos of military women


There are a number of ways you and your family, company, school, and organization can get involved and make a difference this March With Me.

  • Post your “marching” stories, photos, or videos from your service days on social media, tag the Military Women’s Memorial, and use the hashtag
  • Encourage individuals, organizations, and schools in your area to identify local military women, past or present,  and work with them or their families to register their stories of service in the MWM Register. Then, document their stories with special essays and articles to share in local and school newspapers, local blogs, community news websites, and social media.

  • Visit the Military Women’s Memorial and check out our online resources (see Resources section below) to learn more about military women’s history and their contributions to our nation and impact on societal changes.

  • Attend special March With Me events at the Memorial and online.
Navy women in v formation


March 3        March With Me Celebration                                                Kickoff

March 14      March with Me: Moving Forward                                      Together

March 19      VDVS virtual event with the Military                                  Women’s Memorial

March 23      Piestewa Challenge Circle of                                              Remembrance

Learn more and reserve tickets:
visit our MWM Event Page.

Throughout the month of March, MWM will have documentary and film showings in the Vaught Center. Please check back for schedule.


This Women’s History Month, it is our turn to march with General Vaught in celebration of her 94th birthday and her life’s work to march with and in support of all women who serve.

After nearly 29 years of exemplary and trailblazing service in the Air Force, Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught devoted another 29 years to building and operating America’s only major Memorial to honor military women – what she describes as “the most important thing she has ever done.” – and MARCHING WITH AND IN SUPPORT OF EVERY SINGLE WOMAN  WHO HAS SERVED.

It is only fitting that General Vaught’s birthday falls in March, the month we celebrate women’s contributions to our nation, and when at the Military Women’s Memorial we celebrate and shine an even brighter light on the service and contributions of all women who have served. General Vaught has been a lifelong friend, ally, and staunch supporter of women. As the founding president of the Military Women’s Memorial, she worked tirelessly and refused to take “no” for an answer when it came to ensuring our women are recognized, honored, and remembered, now and in perpetuity, at their Memorial – or what we lovingly refer to as “THE HOUSE THAT WILMA BUILT.”

It’s our turn to march with General Vaught, celebrate her, and show our gratitude for all she has done for all women who have served, and our nation.

#MarchWithMWM this Women’s History Month, as we celebrate General Vaught and Say “Happy Birthday” to her by sending birthday wishes and supporting “the house that Wilma built” – a true labor of love and her gift to us – the Memorial that celebrates all women who have served and tells our stories.

TO DONATE & SEND BDAY WISHES, click on the image to the right.

Cards and donations can be sent to the Military Women’s Memorial Foundation, 200 N Glebe, #400, Arlington, VA 22203. 

Send Happy Birthday Wishes to Brig Gen Wilma Vaught - Founding President, Leader, Trailblazer, Visionary photos of General Vaught surrounding photo of the Military Women's Memorial
Photo of General Vaught saluting with happy birthday banner in background


We have many resources available for you to learn more about women in the military.

Marine Corps Women marching


For March With Me events and other updates, revisit our website in the weeks to come. We look forward to celebrating with you!

If you need additional assistance or information please email [email protected]

Marine Corps Women marching
Marine Corps Women marching
Marine Corps Women marching